17 Moments When Trash Made Us Laugh (Cats And Otters Involved)


A day ago I couldn’t believe that trash related gif’s could bring fun… it is trash after all.

I’ve changed my perspective, and now I am sure you will change yours after watching these 17 moments of trash making us laugh. Here you will find everything from funny animals recycling, to rebels whose only joy is to break the law.

Kitty Balboa

Bear’s Waste Collection Services

If It Fits, I Sits

Breaking The Floor

Winter Collection Games

Run! This Place Is Not Safe Any More

Quick! Let’s Hide In There

A Few Anger Management Classes Would Help

The Revenge

Trash Can Basketball

Otters Are Probably Better In Recycling Than You

Well, That Was A Hurtful Way To Part With Your Old Wardrobe

He Didn’t Imagine The Stunt Would Go This Way

Rubbish Is Not Sorted Properly. Take It Back And Fix It

Trash Bin Vandalism

I Suspect A Trend Here

Take An Example Of This Cute Friend Of The Earth


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