Airport Security Try To Confiscate £120 Bottle Of Cognac, Woman Downs It, The Inevitable Happens


Cognac: A fine drink to be savoured slowly, unless those menaces at airport security stand in your way that is.

It can be a tad annoying when you forget about the 100ml limit on liquids at airports, and you have to kiss that deodorant or shampoo goodbye. A tad annoying, but you get over it.

This woman from China must have found it more than a tad annoying, perhaps because it was a £120 bottle of cognac that she was trying to take home with her. The rock star woman in question was trying to board an internal flight from Beijing to Wenzhou, but she was told the 700ml bottle of Remy Martin XO Excellence wouldn’t be making the trip with her. Gutted. All those idyllic nights in front of the fire sipping at her cognac must have flashed before her eyes. So she did the obvious thing and necked it, every last drop.

Reports suggest it was just after midday which makes it totally fine. But, believe it or not, this woman never made her flight. She was seen rolling around on the floor shouting incoherently.

An airport officer told the South China Morning Post:

“She was so drunk… she couldn’t even stand up. We took her to a room in a wheelchair so she could rest.”

She slept it off for the afternoon until her family came to pick her up, just as the rest of us were hoping this would turn into a Die Hard movie script.

Don’t try this at home guys, or anywhere for that matter, it’s a terrible waste of a good bottle. 


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