Man Wins Gold Medal, Gets Really Drunk, And Uses It To Pay For His Taxi Home




Polish athlete Pawel Fajdek  has hit the headlines after winning the hammer throwing event at the World Championships, and then promptly paying for a taxi with his freshly-earned gold medal.

Fajdek – the youngest athlete at the Championships to come away with gold – reportedly hit Beijing, China for a few celebratory drinks after his triumph.

Reports in Chinese media outlet Tencent say the sportsman was so drunk after his night out, he paid for his taxi home with his gold medal.

The worried 26-year-old apparently woke up the next morning, realised he didn’t have his hunk-of-gold-on-a-ribbon, and contacted the police. The boys in blue then helped him retrace his steps, and tracked down the taxi driver, who confirmed the player had willingly handed over his medal as payment for the fare.



The driver agreed to return the medal to Fajdek, after a bit of persuasion. We assume he will probably be more cautious with his drinks after his next win.

Polish journalists in Beijing for the event confirmed they had seen Fajdek at a restaurant and that he had indeed drank a lot during the evening.

There are some unsubstantiated claims floating around the internet, saying that Fajdek’s coach has spoken out to say that he had drunkenly left his medal in the taxi after a sponsors dinner and the driver then claimed Fajdek had used it to pay – which sounds like it could be about right too?

No official statement has been made.

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