McDonald’s Just Publicly Rejected Burger King


The idea of McDonald’s and Burger King joining forces is a tasty one, as long as it’s Burger King burgers and McDonald’s fries, that is (angry naysayers in the comments please).

Well, Burger King seemed to think it was a good idea too. They were so keen on the idea of joining forces with their business nemesis that they took out ads in the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune and published an open letter to McDonalds.



The letter, which according to the McWhopper website is 100% sincere, suggests that the two fast food giants should put their ‘petty differences’ aside and work together to create the McWhopper. You can imagine how tense the meeting would have been when deciding whose lettuce was going to make it in.

The McWhopper would have been a one day a year thing. September 21st to be precise, to coincide with Peace Day, and the burger would have been available in one location only, with all profits benefiting Peace One Day. It would have been interesting to see the crazy road trips that some Americans would probably have embarked upon in order to try this fast food mashup.



Well, McDonald’s weren’t having any of it. Spoil sports. In fact, they took a little dig at Burger King by suggesting they could so something much ‘bigger’ to make a difference. They then even talked down the ‘beef’ between the two companies, calling it instead ‘friendly business competition’. McDonald’s clearly haven’t been following hip-hop closely enough. They rounded off by suggesting that a simple phone call will do next time. A phone call? But then there would have been no publicity!



So McDonald’s are taking the high ground, and whoever it is at Burger King headquarters that came up with the McWhopper woke up this morning in a bed of broken dreams. Business is tough pal, you’ll get over it.

What do you think? Was the McWhopper a good idea? 


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