Man Proposes To His Boyfriend In Their Anti-Gay Church. Gets A Standing Ovation



Trevor Harper and Davis Covin have been an item for nine years. So when Trevor decided to pop the question, there was only one place for it.

The First United Methodist Church of Austin where they’ve been member for the last two years…


The moment came when they were asked to share their “faith story”, and Trevor had planned something special with the Rev, John Wright.

It wasn’t just love that made Trevor propose, he wanted to make a statement. This is because, despite the pro-gay marriage laws coming in, the First United Methodist Church has forbid same-sex marriage taking place in their churches or being conducted by their ministers.

Luckily it paid off. Davis said yes (thank heavens!) and the pastor and fellow congregation joined them in a standing ovation!


Trevor told Buzzfeed News: ‘That church has been, for us, really the first time we have really been able to live out loud as a couple,’

Here’s to hoping the cats at the First United Methodist Church realise that love can’t simply be turned off or chosen. It happens and it should be welcomed into every society!

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