Apple Is Raising The Bar For Photos And Videos With Their Latest Update



So far the main talking point about the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is that the battery may actually last longer than a trip to the shops. Winner. Well, now it appears that you may be able to make use of that extended battery life with better camera quality too.

Many have been claiming that the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S6 blows the iPhone 6 out of the water, but Apple seem to be keen to make up that ground.

According to 9to5Mac, both new models will be taken up a notch from an 8-megapixel sensor to a custom imager 12-megapixel system. The result will be larger and more high resolution images, which will all be down to a new A9 chip inside.

Obviously the selfie crowd needs to be considered and they won’t be disappointed as the front facing camera will get a major upgrade – you will now be able to play with higher resolution, a flash and even potentially panorama and slow motion capabilities. The Kardashians are probably popping open the champagne as we speak.

Selfie kings/queens be like:


The best upgrade, however, is said to be reserved for the videos. Apple are expected to be adding full 4k resolution to the new videos – which will make for sharper, more stable shots and awesome post-processing capabilities.

Here’s a short video telling you more about new features to expect with the iPhone 6S. Will you be buying one? Tell us in the comments.