Serial Killer “Cannibal Granny Ripper” Has Been Arrested



A woman who is feared to have killed and eaten 11 people over a 20-year period has been arrested.

Tamara Samsonova, 68, was taken into custody after Russian police found some of the remains of 70-year-old Calentina Ulanova in various places throughout the neighbourhood.

Tamara, a 68-year-old caregiver in St. Petersburg, confessed to murdering and dismembering the woman she was supposed to be caring for. She also told authorities that she disposed of the remains in a plastic bag and put the head in a saucepan. Police in Russia are yet to find the victim’s head or the saucepan. The case has earned her the nickname “Granny Ripper”.


It gets worse. When searching her premises officials came across a diary that was written in three languages, English, German and Russian. In the diary she confesses to murdering at least 10 other people, two of which were her former tenants, and one of which she said she cut up with a knife in a bathroom and scattered the body parts around the Frunzensky district of St. Petersburg. Her husband, who went missing 10 years ago, is feared to be another victim.

Footage obtained by the Daily Mail shows the alleged serial killer carrying a cooking put as she leaves her apartment.

Police are now investigating her diary entries to see if they match up with any suspicious deaths in the city. They believe that at least two of the diary entries, in which she confessed to the murders of two male lodgers, appear to be genuine.

The investigations are ongoing. 


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