The Best Dressed Cat On The Internet


I’m a gorgeous 18 lb. tabby who was hungry and homeless when adopted by my human in 2005. Being extremely mellow and loving lots of attention, I am quite the ham in front of a camera. I used to think dressing up was dumb – something only a dog would do.

However, that was before I met my human. At first she had to talk me into it, but then I realized I looked fabulous in hats, capes, and accessories I never would have picked out for myself. My human became my personal shopper and suddenly I had an outfit for every holiday and occasion. Why be mousy?

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Beach Beauty

Combat Cat

I Want To Help My Furry Friends

I’ve donated hundreds of my fun cards to local animal shelters.

Wanted. Billy The Kitty

Feline Angels Always Get Their Wings

Wild About You

Life’s A Circus

Bathtime’s OK As Long As It’s Dry

Make Love, Not War

Secret Asian Man

Chick Magnet

My Photography Cards

I love to make humans smile or laugh!


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