10 Illustrations Show Differences Between Single And Taken Guys


There are two kinds of men in this world – one who enjoy the freedom of being single and others who are held in the clutches of a relationship.

We have summed up the difference between single guys and guys who are taken in 10 minimal posters.

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When you’re in a relationship, your expenses on restaurants, food, chocolates and travel soar up burning a hole in your pockets

You can also say goodbye to your facial hair

Your beer cans transform into wine glasses during Valentine’s Day

Your speedometer needle is always titled towards the left

You fear that accepting one friend request could land you in trouble

Those endless calls go on and on till late nights

And then there are times when you have to choose between hanging out with your gang or your gal – and you choose the latter

You start going to movies without having any interest in really watching them

You start staying online on Whats App chatting late without having anything significant to say

But in the end, there’s a feeling of being complete while single guys may feel the emptiness of not having someone to fall back to


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