Celtic Fans Respond To Knife Threats With Brilliant ‘ThatsNotAKnife’ Hashtag


Although football violence isn’t as prominent as it used to be back in the 80s, it still can be a bit rough out there.

This is mainly thanks to idiots who seemingly couldn’t care less about the game but are happy to use it as an excuse to get into an unsolicited fight.

Whilst you get “fans” like this in every corner of the globe, the eye is currently on a set of Fenerbache fans in Turkey. Covering their vapid mugs and brandishing butter knifes, they posted “intimidating” pictures of themselves on Twitter, welcoming the Celtic fans.

But instead of being intimidated, the Celtic fans replied brilliantly with the hashtag, ThatsNotAKnife:

Thankfully, most Fenerbache fans took the banter well an responded in the same ilk…

Lets hope that the initial tweet was just a bit of fun as the woman responsible for the knife picture has been retweeting plenty of the ThatsNotAKnife jokes.

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