Girl’s Facebook Photo Accidentally Shows Family She Owns A Massive Sex Toy


This photo has probably been the most shared on the internet over the past 24 hours.

We know what you’re thinking. Is that a tiger’s head hung shamelessly from the wall? No, no it’s not. That’s a poster.

That is a massive double fisting sex toy hanging loose though, in a place where you’d normally expect to see a scarf or a coat or something that isn’t a double fisting sex toy. But hey, it happens, what doesn’t usually happen is the uploading of the picture onto Facebook for your entire family to comment on and like.


You can only image the call home to day. “Will you be fist…I mean visiting any time soon?”

We’re not sure is she quickly they took the photo down, but it was too late, it had already been screenshotted and uploaded onto imgur, where millions have seen it.

Let this be a reminder, double check your photos before posting.  


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