Two Guys Go Fishing, Catch And Save A Couple Of Kittens



‘Catfishing’, the art of pretending to be somebody else, usually with some dodgy or perverse intention.

The latest spin on catfishing, however, is a lot less frequent but a hell of a lot more commendable. Two guys were out fishing when they saw a stranded kitten swimming over towards them in the hope of being rescued.

The men, who were toeing their lines on the Warrior River in Alabama, spotted a second kitten heading over to the boat. You can hear the men speculate as to what happened to the kittens,  wondering whether somebody had try to dispose of them in the river.

Whatever it was that landed these kittens in deep, brown water, we’re glad that these two guys were on hand to rescue the little treasures. Hopefully now they will be given a loving home.