See How ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Had An Amazing Effect On These Struggling Kids


If you’ve seen the film, Guardians of the Galaxy, you would know that Groot doesn’t have a whole lot to say for himself – three words, to be exact. But, that doesn’t stop him from being one of our all-time favourite characters.

And for one adorable little boy he turned out to be a massive inspiration.


This is Sawyer, son of Josh Dunlap – who lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Natasha, and two other equally adorable kids.

Josh wrote to James Gunn, the man who made the film happen,  to tell him how much Groot’s character impacted his 4-year-old, as Sawyer suffers with Dsypraxia which limits not only his motor skills but his speech too. Sawyer’s dad said that he has lost count of how many times they’ve watched the film together, because his little chap is obsessed.

These small changes seem insignificant but for Sawyer’s parents, they were thrilled he was finally making an effort to speak and communicate more. He has since been able to get help, have therapy, and make real improvements.


Sawyer’s dad concluded:

“I just wanted to thank you though, for a script and movie that was written so well that a four year old, three at that time, could connect with someone who had the same language barrier.”

And it turned out that Sawyer’s heart-warming story wasn’t unique:


And then this surfaced on the internet. It’s validity cannot be confirmed but the point is there:


Who knew movie characters could have such a big impact? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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