These Are Possibly The Most Disgusting, Yet Amazing, Recipes We’ve Ever Seen


Tired of it being your turn to cook dinner for the gang but you’ve run out of fresh ideas? There’s only so many times you can get away with lasagne.

Well you’re in luck. Because imgur user, natedogcool, has made a set of recipes that we’re pretty sure you won’t have come across before!

He’s also added some handy serving suggestions and instructions, just in case you get a little flustered…

1. Beef ‘n nanas


I like to use ketchup made with real high fructose corn syrup, but you can use anything red as long as the line patterns are horizontal.”

2. Potato and side


The secret here is to not wash the potato before you bake it for 12 minutes at 12 degrees. The side can include mushrooms, fungi, or anything else you find growing in the yard or shower. I highly recommend finishing the glass of wine and pouring a second before serving.”

3. Princess Cheesy Wieners


Grab your favorite pair of chopsticks because your taste buds are going on an exotic vacation to Wiener Town. A lot of recipes for Princess Cheesy Wieners call for Velveeta, but I prefer Great Value pasteurized prepared cheese product.”

4. Green Circle Loaf


If you don’t have a round pan, you can try making Green Square Loaf. The possibilities are truly endless here.

5. Rice brown filter and cheese bread


You can really make this recipe work with anything gray or brown, but I prefer that fine dust that collects in a vacuum bag. Mix it with some water and rice and you’ll be head over heels in love. Perfect for date night.”

6. Barbecue Turtles


Until you’re rich and can afford real turtles, these bacon wiener pork turtles will tide your grilled testudine cravings.”

7. Tidy Joes


To make my world famous award winning tidy joes, I start with sloppy joes and I tidy them up using these yellow food paper products. For extra tidy joes, try serving them on a tray.”

8. Oblong Pizza Chocolate Boils


Boil the chocolate first, then pour it on the oblong pizza before baking at 500 degrees for 500 minutes. If your oblong pizza comes out with pleasing geometric proportions, try bouncing it in the bathtub a few times before serving.”

9. Floor Spaghetti


Just eat it off the floor.”

So many choices, right? Which one to go for first!?

All jokes aside, that spaghetti sauce is going to be a nightmare to get out of that beige carpet. Disaster.

Let us know which one you’re going to cook your loved ones first in the comments!



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