Day Care Centre Was Running A “Fight Club” With Toddlers


You all know the first rules of Fight Club. By default that means you probably know the second one too…

Hell, you may know all eight of ’em. But did you know the other one? The secret ninth rule? It’s in the deleted scenes:

You do not coordinate brawls between kids aged 4 to 6 years old at their day care and then snapchat about it.


Yes, two employees at Lightbridge Academy in New Jersey are in serious trouble after doing just that.

22-year-old Erica Kenny and 28-year-old Chanese White were charged with fourth-degree child abuse after they posted videos of “approximately a dozen boys and girls at the day care center shoving each other to the ground and attempting to strike each other” on Snapchat.

In one of the many videos, Kenny can even be heard calling one of the videos Fight Club.

“It’s making me freak out. I am concerned,” one mum with a 3-year-old at the center told The Post. “I’m shocked and disgusted.”

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