Idris Elba’s Classy Response To That “Too Street” For Bond Comment


After Anthony Horowitz referred to Idris Elba as “too street” to play Bond, there has been a media backlash and he has been forced to apologise.

Idris himself stayed quiet regarding the matter but eventually took to Instagram to leave his followers a message:

Classy response from Elba, there.

Ever since Sony emails were leaked and a senior executive said Idris should play Bond, he has been heavily tipped for the next, once Daniel Craig has finished with Bond 25.


However, Elba himself has said that, if there was ever a chance of him playing Bond, it has long gone. Why? Because he thinks, at 42, he’s a bit too old for the role.


But with that in mind, Craig was 38 when Casino Royale was filmed, is now 47 and has yet another film to get through. Roger Moore was 45 when he took up the Bond role! So there is hope for Idris.

Horowitz has now said the word “street” was “a poor choice of word” and he was “mortified to have caused offence”.

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