Is This Woman Using A Sex Toy Or Is She Just Hoovering The Car… Naked?


Sex Toy

No longer do you need to go to Magaluf for your filthy fix of the general public’s sexy shenanigans. Save on the air fare and get yourself to the nearest service station.

This video is gaining large amounts of attention online as the woman in it is allegedly pleasuring herself with a sex toy in full view of motorists at a service station in Birmingham. Madness.

We’re told that she’s up to no good, but for all we know she could just as easily be hoovering the back of the car. You can’t really see a whole lot if we’re honest. In the video a man wearing a beige polo shirt stands above our mystery woman as she does whatever it is she is doing in seven-seater people carrier.

Whatever her mischief is. it must be bad , this guy is so disgusted he decided that he’ll go and drink his coffee elsewhere.


The man in the beige shirt seems to get bored and goes for a walk, perhaps he wanted to know where our eye witness got his coffee from. The woman then sits up, potentially having successfully sucked up all those food wrappers from under the seats, and the video closes out.

It’s not quite porn, kids, but expect this woman’s potential public masturbation attempt to be the catalyst for much bigger things. Soon we’ll have the kiss and tell, a double page spread where beige shirt pours his heart out after his mistress dumped him for a dildo in a service station car park. Obviously this will be backed up by some kind of appearance on daytime TV with Jeremy. A lie detector will be involved and the dildo will be besmirched on national TV. Disgusting.

Warning: This video contains blurred out segments that will get in the way of any graphic images. 

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