Murderer Told Live On Air That His Victim’s Body Has Been Found



This interview shows the shocking moment a murderer was told live on air that his victim’s body had been found. 

In June 2011, Stephen McDaniel strangled his classmate Lauren Giddings, who lived next door to him. They were both studying together at Mercer University Law school.

At the time of the interview McDaniel wasn’t considered a suspect in the murder, and willingly offered to be interviewed by the local press. At first he shows concern for her whereabouts, talking as if she is still alive, despite later admitting to killing her.

When the news reporter tells him a body has been found he visibly freaks out, saying:

” a body… I think I need to sit down.”

In the next round of interviews, Stephen goes into more detail of his relationship with Lauren, and breaks down sobbing,  as anyone would, after hearing such distressing news about a friend. Shockingly he frequently says, he didn’t “know of anyone who would want to hurt her”: