Some Of These Comments Make You Ask “Where Has All The Empathy Gone?”


By now you will more than likely have seen this heartbreaking image of a young Syrian refugee lying face down in the sand.


The photo has fuelled the debate on what the UK should doing to help refugees. Some say we should accept more into our country, whereas some believe that isn’t possible and that we should be tackling the problem at its source.

It’s a turbulent topic, one that polarises opinion and seems set to carry on for some time. Ultimately our government will decide what they think we should do.

What it is important though, is that all of us at least acknowledge that there is a problem and empathise with those that find themselves living through war, so desperate to escape that they risk their lives to do so.

These comments were gathered from various articles around the web reporting on the image of the young boy. What makes these comments so ignorant is that these were the first thoughts of people when they saw that a child had just drowned trying to escape war.





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Whether or not you think we should be taking refugees in, tackling the problem at the source, or doing nothing at all, you should be able to look at the image of this poor boy and appreciate its sadness, appreciate that in his short life he was faced with horrors that most of us will be fortunate enough to never come up against.

To see this image and use it as inspiration for a selfish rant shows no humanity. These people that won’t even acknowledge how tragic it is are undoubtedly in the minority, but they should be ashamed of themselves.

Empathy doesn’t cost anything. This was one topic where a simple RIP would have sufficed. 


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