Ellie Goulding Hits Out At London Council Who Say You Shouldn’t Give Money To The Homeless


Many of us will have felt that pang of guilt when a homeless person asks us for change and we don’t have anything to offer.

A new poster campaign by Kensington and Chelsea Council is asking people not to give money to “beggars” and to help them in a different way.

Ellie Goulding has seen the posters, and took to Twitter to vent her anger at the campaign. The singer called the posters a ‘joke’, and said that anyone who does give money to those in need are ‘wonderful.’

Nick Paget-Brown, leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, explained says that the adverts are intended to help those living on the streets in a long-term way. He said:

We believe that if people are unable to fund their drug and alcohol habit through begging they are more likely to access these services and we will support them to do so.

So, don’t be persuaded to give to street beggars, the truth is your money won’t really be helping them.

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