J.K. Rowling Takes A Swipe At The Express On Twitter Over Refugee Crisis


J.K Rowling joined in the debate on the refugee crisis yesterday, before aiming a blow at members of the press too.

Taking to Twitter to express her thoughts, Rowling retweeted a number of posts highlighting the struggle of displaced men, women and children and joined many others by asking the Prime Minister to do more to help.

She then took aim at the Daily Express, tweeting a cover of their front page and saying ‘Want the Daily Express to care that you’re trying to find a safe home? Be a dog.’

She wasn’t suggesting that people shouldn’t care about homeless dogs, but rather taking aim at their front page for not reporting on what she felt was the biggest and most poignant story of the day, three-year-old Aylan Kurdi being washed up on a beach in Turkey.

The voices have been heard, however, as last night David Cameron announced that the UK will be accepting more Syrian refugees. The exact numbers are yet to be confirmed, but the Prime Minister was forced to act under a swell of growing public pressure.

Whilst Rowling was at unhappy at the front page adopted by The Daily Express yesterday, many others had coined it ‘the day that the media finally got a conscience’. The image below was shared thousands of times, with many claiming that this is the first time the British press have acknowledged the refugee crisis in Syria.



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