People Have Been Tweeting Photos Of Animal Genitals In A #JunkOff


Twitter trends are unpredictable at the best of times.

You pop on for a quick browse and it turns out everyone is really keen to show photos of animals’ photoshopped into the lead role of a famous movie scene, or eating like a human, or in this case with their junk out.

This very NSFW trend was jumped upon by biologists the world over who were determined to find out which animal had the most impressive genitalia. Here are a few for your browsing… pleasure?

Is that just the trunk? 

Surely this is a separate beast entirely… 

Never trust an animal with two pieces of genitalia…

No stripes?

Is it flipping the bird at us?

This little fella seems over the moon at the opportunity to show us what he’s got. 

Bigger than expected…nothing to quack at, that’s for sure. 

And the black widow, exactly what you was hoping to see, right?

So, that was the junk off. Who wins? Tell us in the comments. 


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