This New Vibrating Bra Claims To Make Your Boobs Bigger In Just 7 Days


There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world of technology. People are wearing a whole 90s house worth of gadgets on their wrists. AI is ever looming and Virtual Reality video games are no longer a thing of our dreams.

And there’s something else. Something big. There’s a vibrating bra that makes boobs 1 cup size bigger and it was made by a man who didn’t want to fork out for his girlfriend’s boob job.


Milan Milić, 30, a former engineering student in Serbia, invented, and has patented, a ‘miracle vibrating bra’ that increases cup size permanently.

The bra is currently under clinical trial in the USA after miraculous results in Serbia.

The bra has been tested by two Americans and they are delighted. One of which, Sabrina Molinar, a 49-year-old Miami native, had her breasts transform from a B to a C cup after she wore the bra 15 minutes a day over seven days.

“I was a 36B before but now I think I’ be a lot more comfortable in a C cup although I haven’t been out to buy any new bras yet. I definitely feel like I fill clothes a little better and it feels good. If I give somebody a hug I have to accommodate for them – it feels different and I’m just not used to them yet. There was a definite change for me.”


Andrena, also from Miami, tested the bra in May and her breasts grew from 32B to 34C. “Obviously I was skeptical at first because it seemed too good to be true but after I used the bra it was just amazing – I’ve had to purchase new bigger bras and everything


But how does it work? The Daily Mail quote Milan saying:

“It’s a natural process that increases the blood circulation that is feeding the breast. When we researched the human body, we had a theory about how we could manipulate the human body to manipulate the tissue and muscles.

And it is not painful, there’s no harmful radiation, it’s fully healthy for the human body and safe for the environment and everything.”

So what now for Milan? He’s keeping his idea to himself at the moment. Who knew a vibrating bra would be so damn desirable?

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