Guy Hilariously Documents His Lonely Stag Party After Everyone’s Flights Got Cancelled



Your stag party is supposed to rank among the wildest in your lifetime. Your mates are basically going to gang up on you, get you silly drunk, and tell you that the world as you know it is coming to an end, because that’s what good mates do.

Robbie Chernow, however, spent his entire stag on his own after his friends’ flight to Chicago got cancelled. The cynics among you may suggest that this was a taste of life to come…

Thankfully Robbie documented his mad adventure on Instagram for us all to enjoy.

“This is Audrey and Nicolette. Even though I didn’t sign up for the Master Card they were promoting, they still gave me a Bears schedule magnet because they felt bad and as Nicolette said ‘this will look good on your mini fridge. (Beat). You seem like someone with a mini fridge’. Thanks, Audrey & Nicolette!”





He even took to Tinder to try and get some tourist advice…

Which turned out…well?






There you have it folks, the wildest stag party ever. They will be talking about this one for years. Or rather Robbie will be, to himself…


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