There Is A Petition To Swap Katie Hopkins With 50,000 Refugees And It’s Gaining Momentum


Katie Hopkins. What a bundle of talent, ever since she was young people said that she was destined for greatness in the…talking trash arena.

She’s said a few controversial things in her time, it’s basically how she makes her living. Back in April she said this in her column for The Sun.


Little did she realise that a mere four months later those words would come back to haunt her. The refugee crisis has come to the forefront on British consciousness, and Katie Hopkins is being reminded of the time she compared refugees and migrants to cockroaches.

The petition was set up by journalist Ben Fletcher, who told i100

“The petition was not set up to make light of the situation as some have suggested, humour is a great way to get a serious message across and can reach people who may otherwise not think about or respond to an issue; that is seen every year with events like Comic Relief and Children in Need.

If it gets even one more person talking about it and saying that we need to do more to help refugees or one more person donating to one of the causes then the petition will be a success.

There are a lot of people who also feel that Katie Hopkins really has gone too far and crossed the like between free speech and what is just morally wrong to even think, let alone say aloud.

The petition is giving people another chance to show that, while also saying we need to do more.”

The petition has reached almost 10,000 signatures, and in it Fletcher asks people who are upset by what is happening in Syria to donate to one of the charities who are trying to help the people fleeing their country,

Here she is on LBC, saying that she would make out a bonfire out of all the boats.