This Hipster Barbie Account Brilliantly Mocks People On Instagram



Hipsters, they are so tomorrow’s news.

Hipster Barbie on the other hand is wonderful, you only have to follow her Instagram account to see that. Also known as Socality Barbie, she does all the things on Instagram that make you feel like you’re a lazy so and so who doesn’t get out enough.

It’s a thinly veiled pop at travel bloggers who preach about living an ‘authentic’ life. The mastermind behind the account claims to have done it to show  how “ridiculous social media has become.”She told Buzzfeed.

“I was getting tired of see people taking the same pictures, in the same places, and using the same captions all while hash tagging ‘Live Authentic,’”

Here’s some of Hipster Barbie’s mad authentic adventures.

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