Guy Trolls IKEA By Putting Fake In-Store Reviews All Over The Place


IKEA is the most recent victim of internet comedian and California resident Jeff Wysaski, AKA Obviousplant. Wysaski has become known for his pleated-jeans website and Tumblr pictures of in-store pranks. This time he wrote fake, funny, product reviews and placed them around IKEA. Wysaski is also a member of Bored Panda, and you’ve probably already seen his latest submission of fake Trump health brochures to our site.

“I do a lot of brainstorming sessions,” Wysaski, told the Daily Dot. “I spend a lot of time online looking at art that other people make and thinking, ‘Oh, that’s funny. What makes that so funny?’…So I started making stuff for myself. I always wanted a career in comedy, and I realized that writing my own stuff and sharing my own stuff was the way to do it.”

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