Parents Troll Daughter and Boyfriend by Recreating Their Facebook Selfies


When college student Emily Musson started sharing selfies taken with her boyfriend on Facebook, she underestimated just how trolly her parents can be. Now, their hilarious renditions of their daughter’s selfies have gone viral – much to her chagrin.

Once the photos went viral, Musson’s response was less than enthusiastic; “My parents r actually on drugs or something,” she tweeted. “I mean I guess it’s funny but not like 30k favs funny.”

It looks like of the best things about parenthood is the opportunity to embarass your kids. Judging by the amount of fun that THESE funny troll parents are having, I can’t wait for the opportunity!

More info: Twitter (h/t: cosmopolitan)

Musson’s reaction to her parents’ selfies:


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