Graffiti Removal Guy Gets Turned Into Street Art In Paris


Combo, a street artist in France, created a playful and mischievous piece of street art after someone had been sent to paint over his original piece. After observing a man painting over parts of his work, Combo snapped a photo and later returned to paint the man into his street art!

In the images, it appears as though the part of Combo’s street art that featured Donald Duck’s three nephews – Huey, Dewey and Louie – was left untouched. The part that had been painted over featured an unfinished phrase that Combo regularly asks his Facebook followers to complete. When they do, he paints the most popular response onto the piece.

Combo’s use of the Duck family members isn’t surprising – he specializes in repurposing pop culture imagery to express messages and ideas that often differ from those that their original creators intended.

More info: Facebook | | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: streetartnews)

Image credits: Combo Culture Kidnapper

Image credits: Combo Culture Kidnapper


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