I Discovered My Inner Wolf At Wolf Mountain, California


After working at zoos across the globe I realized I needed to target my affinity with animals toward those truly in need that have found themselves in captivity for whatever reason, including zoo closures, retiring animals from Hollywood and entertainment use, or rescued animals from mistreatment, and black market pet trade.

Now I bounce between California and Sydney, Australia helping do all I can with my money and productions to gain the large sums needed to support and run these beautiful facilities that take in individuals in need and show them love and care no matter where they’ve come from.

Tonya Littlewolf and her pack are looking to move to a larger facility in Colorado now where the wolves can run in open snow fields. They’re willing to join the breeding programs helping to repopulate the wild. So far they had immense success and are slowly being replicated in Australia with our Dingos.

More info: clickfor.wolfmountain.com


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