Miniature Food Jewellery Made By Greek Designer Ilianna


Iliana is a big foodie. And, as you’ll see, she’s also kind of a small foodie… Apart from cooking and baking she also likes to sculpt. What happens if you combine those two things? The result is unquestionably impressive; rings, earrings and pendants that look like a real food. They make it possible to always have your favourite treats with you. Another advantage is that they never go bad and always look good.
The other amazing thing about Iliana jewellery is that it’s all completely handmade. She loves making unique pieces and, in her words, “Making something by hand is indescribable. It’s like having a magic wand which makes everything you have in your mind real! No piece is the exactly the same as another. And no one can make an exact copy of something handmade. Isn’t it magic?”

More info:

Cup Rings

Nutella Pendant

Donuts Earrings

Oreo Cake Ring

Hot Coffee Cup Ring

Cheesecake Ring

Miniature Food Jewellery


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