I Take Disturbingly Creepy Photos Of Myself


My name is Cesar and I am a self-educated artist based in Los Angeles, CA. I use a combination of practical effects and Photoshop. I will often distort the human form or duplicate myself multiple times in an image to achieve the look I am going for. This involves combining many different shots into one and it took me a few years to learn how to do it.

My venture into photography stemmed from photo editing. I taught myself Photoshop and I got tired of asking everyone else if they had images I could practice with, so I decided to study photography. Once I began studying photography the hardest part was finding models willing to dedicate their time to a beginner. So I began taking photos of myself.

I am especially fond of photographing anything creepy, disturbing, macabre, scary, & just plain weird. I like my images to create questions for the viewer.

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Model: April Sanchez

Mirror Reflection

Model: Cesar 237

The Ghouls & I

I am posing as all 3 characters in this image

The Exorcist 1

Model: Kassie Mcilwaine

Zombie Face

Model: Megan Finlay


I am posing as all 4 characters in this image

The Doorway

Model: Cesar237

Danny The Clown

Model: Daniel Gomez

Sheets | Empty Clothes

Models: Dani Labrecque | Cesar237

Closet Case

I am posing as the 2 male figures in this image.

Models: Cesar237, Dani Labrecque.

Christmas Pills

Model: Cesar237


Model: Cesar 237

From Under The Couch

Model: Cesar237


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