These Eco-Friendly Cat Playhouses Look Like Big Milk Cartons


A new start-up from Sweden called Petbo has set their goal to bring happiness to pets and replace the regular boring pet furniture. The idea came to them after adopting two stray kittens. Their new furry friends needed a place of their own and as the closet, dryer and bags were not suitable for playtime and naps, they set out to look for a better solution. Through extensive testing and development, they created a perfect product for the furry felines to play, hide, nap or observe their kingdom from.

Petbo playhouses are engineered to fulfil cats’ biological need for solitude and sense of security as well as designed to fit perfectly into any home. They are made of 100% eco-friendly material and come with a much-loved scratching pad. All playhouses are fully foldable, so when the furry friends need to be transported to a new place they will always have their house with them.

Currently, Petbo playhouse comes in 2 different designs, but the busy team is already working on the new designs and various solutions for other pets as well.

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