I Spent 6 Years Capturing The Essence Of The Rulers Of The Sky


Birds of prey are magnificent creatures, proud and powerful! During the last 6 years I have had a project running, trying to capture the true essence of these rulers of the sky. The images you see presented here are the result of numerous hours spent in nature to come close enough to the birds. Both from within hides as well as in open sight for the subjects.

I strive to get passed the documentary aspect of photography, an image should provide feelings! To get the observer to become one with the seen and get them to share the feeling I felt while experiencing these moments of magic in person. This is what categorize a truly successful image!

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The Phantom of the North!

I was standing by myself on the side of the meadow at dusk when I saw movement on the other side. Silently the Great grey owl came in for an evening hunt! A fantastic moment being alone with this majestic bird observing it for an hour successfully catching prey. Here a shot from when it was sitting close to my side of the meadow arranging it’s feathers.

During the hunt over the meadow the Great Grey passed close to where I was standing. Following the owl in the movement shows its grace and gives the movement in the wings.

Close encounter with the White Tailed Eagle!

Sitting in a hide to photograph herons and spoonbills when all of a sudden two white tailed eagles came in. One of them struck down just left of the hide to catch a goose.

They stayed for an hour eating, drinking just outside the hide and gave fantastic opportunities for close portrait shots.
Amazing experience!

Dance of the Hawk!

All of a sudden all small forest birds around the hide disappears and everything goes quiet. after a few minutes the reason shows itself, a beautiful sparrow hawk comes down from the tree behind my hide. It cools of by drinking and ‘dancing’ with it’s wings out over the waters edge.

After a few hours another sparrow hawk comes down to drink. At time of leaving I’m rewarded with this look and pose.

Charismatic Little owls!

Small and incredibly cute, but fierce hunters that quickly can catch small rodents hiding in the grass.

After offering the gift Mr. Little got to socialize with Mrs. Little

Ospreys of Sanibel

Ospreys are beautiful birds that also are very shy up in Sweden where I live. It was amazing how close you could get to them on the beaches of Sanibel Island, a bird photography paradise 🙂

Golden Eagle in snow storm!

Installed in the hide well before sunrise. In the early morning the weather shifted and snow started to roll in providing a wonderful backdrop. All of a sudden a young golden eagle arrived and landed in the top of a nearby located pine giving me this scene.

Wait for your turn big boy….

All of a sudden an adult golden eagle arrived to feed. After a while he moved to rest behid the fox and a brave jay came in giving me this scene. A truly magical moment!

Montagu’s harrier chick approaching

I was lucky to get a Montagu’s harrier couple successfully nesting on the fields just below our summer cottage. This gave the opportunity to follow the new chick’s for a week after they had left the nest and moved to their fathers hunting grounds.


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