Cinema’s Worst Villains As Leading Actors In Romantic And Cheesy Movies


In this collection of pictures you will see the scariest and cruelest villains, mostly taken from horror classics, take over the most romantic and cheesiest roles in movies.

I am an Italian digital artist located in Krakow. When I don’t work in a corporation, I like to refine my Photoshop skills mashing up things where they shouldn’t be. This is how I also created blogs like Obama and Merkel Starring in Movies and Sports Balls Replaced With Cats.

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Freddie Krueger in Titanic

Frankenstein’s creature in Casablanca

Darth Vader in The Sound of Music

Jason Vorhees in Love Actually

IT’s Pennywise in Mary Poppins

Freddie Krueger in Roman Holiday

Jason Vorhees as Fred Astaire

Jaws Shark in Free Willy

Saw’s Billy the Puppet in When Harry Met Sally

Michael Myers in Gone With The Wind

Jason Vorhees in Saturday Night Fever

Alien is ET

Michael Myers in Dirty Dancing


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