Lenin Statue Turned Into Darth Vader In Odessa, Ukraine


A statue of Lenin in Odessa, Ukraine, that was scheduled for “decommunization” by president Petro Poroshenko has found new life as a monument to “Star Wars’” Darth Vader. Famous sculptor Alexander Milov, who’s previously been featured on Bored Panda, is unveiling the WiFi-enabled statue today at 11:00.

“The Bronze Lenin was left inside, so that the grateful or not so grateful descendants could exhume him, if needed,” Milov told the media. Asked to comment on the statue, a nearby factory’s warehouse manager waxed philosophical. “Everything glows, everything changes, old figures give wave to new ones, and so the world turns.”

More info: dumskaya.net | Facebook (h/t: meduza)

A statue of Lenin in Odessa, Ukraine, was just “decommunized” by order of president Petro Poroshenko

Lenin was transformed into Darth Vader, who also works as a free WIFI hot spot

Alexander Milov is the sculptor in charge of this decommunization project

Who better represents the Dark Side? Lenin or Darth Vader?


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