Tiny Tents For Cats!


My friend and I recently launched our first product called Cat Camp, a miniature tent for cats with a fluffy microfibre interior.

We spent the last 8 months purrrfecting our design to be the highest quality and most comfortable cat-friendly product possible. Designed to give your kitty a great little hideaway that looks great in any house.

We hope you guys like our new product.

More info: catcamp.co

Check area for bears. Check!

What’s on the campfire for breakfast?

Hey! Elsa! Do you wanna build a cat camp?

I am prepared and READY FOR ADVENTURE.

But it’s cold out there. Here is good, too.

Won’t you look at that sunset… Steve, get the camera!

How long have I been in here? I feel different somehow…

It’s a nice enough day for a stroll, stretch them legs a bit.

Don’t you just love looking up at the stars? Look up there, that bunch of stars kinda looks like Nic Cage.

Well, that’s enough excitement for one day.

What. A. Day. Crack open a few, I think we’ve earned it.

D’you guys wanna tell some ghost stories?

… Really? In THESE woods? Creepy…

I am NEVER sleeping again. JIM, YOU’RE ON LOOK-OUT, OKAY?

I feel like I’m in the Blair Twitch Project…

Aaaaaand we made it through the night. Well, time for another day!

Oh this is SO my new profile picture.


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