Girl Accidentally Finds Her Identical ‘Twin Stranger’ After Moving To Germany



You’re walking around with your same old face, just, you know, being you, and BAM – there’s some chick in front of you wearing your face and looking exactly like you. 

That’s what happened to Irish student Ciara Murphy, when she bumped into doppelganger Cordelia Roberts at the start of her year abroad in Germany. We imagine she went through the following checklist:

– Have I slipped into some freaky double universe?

– Am I starring in a remake of Face/Off that no-one told me about?

– Is this lady an identical twin my parents casually forgot to mention?


Luckily, it was none of the above and the girls just so happen to look exactly like each other – crazy! Before the pair met, mutual friends kept asking if the girls had come with a sister, and they were both super confused and explained they’d come alone.

Ciara told Twin Strangers:

“When I was going on nights out, people were starting to ask me did I come here with a sister, or a twin, and I didn’t know what they were talking about in the beginning.”

Eventually they met, and (obviously) snapped a selfie which quickly went viral on Facebook. Ciara’s mate Jessica told The Irish Mirror:

“Now around college people call them ‘the twins’… they’re always together now, they’re like a package deal. They have this bond now, just because they look the same.”


Twin Strangers got the girls together for this video: