This App Will Tell You How Many People Have Died In Your House



Ben and Vivien are having some marriage difficulties. They need a fresh start. Along with their daughter Violet, the couple decide to buy a beautiful new house, far away from their problems… 

Just before they seal the deal and sign for this beautiful new home, Ben and Vivien learn that the last couple to live there died in the basement. A murder/suicide. This is sad, but Ben and Vivien don’t see how it could affect them.

If only there had been an app that could have run a full background check on their house. That way, Ben and Vivien could have learnt that every couple who had ever lived there, ended up dead.


While – yes – this is the plot of American Horror Story: Murder House and so fictional, the app has just become real. DiedInHouse will check the history of any US address, and give you details of any death (whether murder, suicide, or natural causes), any meth lab or any unsavoury people associated with your house.

In most US states, any sort of death in a house is regarded as a ‘material fact’, and so the seller doesn’t have to disclose the information to you. You could be living in a pool of proverbial blood, and you wouldn’t even know it…


We would, however, only recommend doing this before you buy a house, and not running a search on your current home. There would be nothing worse than learning that a grisly, bloody murder took place in the very same bedroom where you’ve been going to funky town for the past five years.

Will you be checking to see if you live in a murder house?


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