VIDEO: A Guy Dressed As “Owlman” Has Been Terrifying People In Abandoned Hospitals



You know how most horror films are really lazily written? Like a couple of good looking teens might go to a hospital or psychiatric ward that’s been abandoned for no good reason and it’s all haunted and spooky even though, realistically, some economy recovery scheme would probably have had it turned into a block of flats?

Well it turns out that they’re not as lazy as we thought. Because it happened in real life. With an owl-man. In Scotland.

Okay so it’s not a real ghoul but it’s still creepy. Basically, a man dressed as some sort of creepypasta inspired Owl-Man stalks urban photographers in the abandoned St. Mary’s Children Hospital and the former morgue of St. Kilda’s Hospital and, well… they’re terrified.

One guy genuinely accepts his death…