Brits Have A Few Things To Say About This American’s Attempt At A Fry Up


So it turns out The Fry Up Police is a thing, an actual thing. And by a thing we mean… a facebook group.

Jamin Wright is an American who tried his hand at a British style fry up. He then had the brave (read: stupid) idea of volunteering his first crack at a full English for feedback on the group. There weren’t many compliments.


At first glance, the only real problem we can find is the bizarre American spelling of ‘sceptical’.

These brits beg to differ, however.

562c13abb7e0f 562c13b6a4c72 562c13c1445b2 562c13cb3f749 562c137b4c64e 562c13966d0fe 562c1362150b5Yikes. It seems the honest english fry up is harder to  master than it seems.

It also seems like Jamin’s attempt was so bad that they blocked him.

Oh dear.



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