Channing Tatum And Beyoncé Are Going To Compete In The Biggest Lip-Sync Battle Ever



Lip-syncing isn’t typically seen as a good thing. It’s like doping in the Olympics – big faux pas. People get furious when they find out their favourite singer hasn’t actually been singing, so they made a show that highlights just how silly lipsynching looks. 

And that’s where Lip Sync Battle comes in. A show that none of us asked for with a subject matter that none of us care about… so, naturally it’s huge. Presented by Jimmy Fallon and starring such names as Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Stephen Merchant and Anna Kendrick, it’s just about to get bigger in the next series as two contestants have been named…

Channing Tatum and Beyoncé

Yes Channers and Bey are set to come to blows in the new series in 2016 and, well, if you thought Lip Sync Battle was big now, just wait until these two heroes wander onto the stage.


Seems unfair really. As if Channing stands a chance, Beyoncé’s had way more practice at not actually singing than he has…

Need reminding of the show? Well here’s The Rock singing Shake It Off…