Guy Brutally Trolls A Girl Trying To Sell A Terrible Sofa On Facebook



You’re minding your own business whilst scrolling through your Facebook feed. You see a hilarious looking helloU article “Another corker? I’ll read that in a minute“, you think to yourself as you carry on scrolling. But then what’s this? Someone’s selling a god awful sofa that looks like it was used in a public toilet waiting room… for 20 years.

That won’t do. You don’t want rubbish like that clogging up your feed. Something should be done…

Luckily this guy thought exactly that and took matters into his own hands. Adam, you’re a cruel man:



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Okay it was a really bad sofa but, in a way, we feel a bit sorry for Emma. But, if we’re looking for positives, she might have decided that sawing wood was really for her and has decided to follow her new vocation as a lumberjack?

Oh no… deforestation.

This story has no happy ending.


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