Man Beats Friend To Death Because He Thought He Was Turning Into A Zombie



Damon Perry – a 23-year-old Walking Dead fan from New Mexico – has been arrested for beating his friend to death, all because he thought he was turning into a ‘walker’.

Responding to 911 calls, police arrived to find Perry restrained by two maintenance workers, reportedly after he had been running around his apartment complex, threatening neighbours with a knife.

Upon further investigation, they found the body of Christopher Paquin – also 23 – unresponsive in Perry’s nearby apartment.

Perry told police that the two had been drinking and binge-watching popular horror show The Walking Dead, when Paquin suddenly began “to change into a zombie”, and tried to bite him.


In his drunken state, Perry then beat his friend to death with a guitar and a microwave.

He is currently being held on a murder charge, as police believe his actions were ultimately down the fact he was drunk, and that neither drugs nor mental illness were at play.

Speaking to KOB Albuquerque, Sgt. Marquez said:

“I do believe his story behind this is true. He genuinely felt that his friend was changing into a zombie due to his inebriated state.

Our department is dealing with something that I have never seen or heard of in my entire 13 years here.”

Our thoughts are with Christopher Paquin’s family at this sad time. 



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