Rita Ora Reveals She Was Abused When She Was 14 By A 26-Year-Old Man



Pop star and X Factor judge Rita Ora has revealed that she was groomed by a 26-year-old man when she was just 14.

She claims started dating an older man when she was a student at London’s Sylvia Young Theatre School, and it worked wonders for her confidence.

She said:

“I was almost obsessed with having a man feel like he wants me. It made me feel great and I didn’t care what he did or how old he was. I wanted it. It’s crazy.”

She added: “It’s child abuse, really, isn’t it?”

Ora made the revelation in her new biography Hot Right Now and extracts were published on today’s The Sun On Sunday, but insisted she wasn’t a victim.

She explained: “I don’t want to say that I suffered it, because I wanted it. I don’t want to say that I was forced to do it.

‘I don’t want people to think I was abused as a kid but I was definitely more mature than I should have been at 14.”

Ora revealed that it was her “first relationship with a guy”.

She said: “I was very new to the whole world of a man and a female. It’s strange how, once it starts, you kind of feel you can take over the world.

“Even to this day if someone fancied me I’d feel so great.”



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