This Guy Failed A Paternity Test Because The Father Of His Son Is His Unborn Brother



It sounds like the greatest and most elaborate Jeremy Kyle title of all time but it’s actually the life of one man from Washington.

He was told that the father of his son is effectively his unborn brother.

Genetics researchers discovered that he had actually absorbed extra genes from his twin who was lost in early pregnancy. This means his brother’s genes live on in his DNA – and now it’s in his son’s.

The 34-year-old man is the first ever reported case of a paternity test being fooled by a human “chimera” ( AKA a person composed of two genetically distinct types of cells).

According to Buzzfeed, the couple took a paternity test after their son’s blood type didn’t match either of theirs – and that’s when the shocking, and slightly confusing, revelation came to light.

About one-in-eight single childbirths are believed to have started as multiple pregnancies. And then cells from the miscarried siblings are sometimes absorbed in the womb by the surviving twin but they are rarely discovered.

Researchers found genes in his sperm were different to that in his saliva and his sperm only had a 10 per cent genetic match to the child.

He then took a genetic ancestry test after the initial failed fertility test, and the results suggested that the ‘father’ was actually his unborn brother. Mind = blown.


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