Woman Fights Back Against Sex Attacker, Bites Off His Tongue



A woman from South Carolina fought tirelessly against her attacker and even bit off  his tongue.

After Antoine Miller knocked on her door several times, the 33-year-old woman answered, and he then forced his way in with a 13-inch knife.

Miller, 16, punched her in the face several times, and claimed he would not harm her if she didn’t try to fight back.

Despite that, according to authorities, she continued to fight back. She tried to struggle as he picked her up and carried her towards the bedroom, but her real chance to fight back came when he forced himself on her, putting his tongue into her mouth.

The police report stated that the woman bit his tongue ‘as hard as she could until she heard it snap’.

The woman eventually fled the house, and managed to contact authorities.

Police eventually arrested Miller, after his own mother became suspicious of him coming home covered in blood with some of his tongue missing. Understandable, really.

Miller has been charged with a list of crimes, including first-degree criminal sexual conduct, first-degree assault, first-degree burglary, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and first-degree kidnapping.

Neighbours told NBC News 2 that the 16-year-old suffers from a ‘brain disorder’ which means he acts on impulse and only has the reading age of a child.


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