You Can Now Buy An 8ft Tall Teddy Bear, And Everyone Is Going Wild For Them



What’s better than a normal-sized teddy bear? An 8ft tall one of course! 

We’re not entirely sure where you’re meant to house these gigantic balls of cuddly-toy, but CostCo has just launched the Hugfun 93 inch Plush Sitting Bear…. who needs a boyfriend, anyway?

OK we lied, it’s actually only 7.75ft tall but we reckon that’s more than enough teddy bear to go around you, your little sister, your mates and the rest of your village. He is only suitable for ages three and up though, because he is so big he’d probably squash anyone smaller.

And for £199.99 including delivery, he’s all yours – meaning you won’t have to hire a small van to get him home. Hurray! We know what’s going on the top of our Christmas list:

1. Massive bear

2. House that can fit massive bear in

Will you be buying the super bear? Let us know in the comments. 


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