Adventure Cats Hike, Camp, Surf And Climb


I started to showcase adventurous kitties and teach cat owners how to safely explore the great outdoors with their feline friends.

I hope that by sharing these cats’ stories, we can challenge negative stereotypes about cats and their owners — and increase the adoption of shelter cats.

Surfing cat proves you don’t need 2 eyes to hang 10

Kuli was adopted from a Hawaiian animal shelter. He lost an eye to infection, and his owners say he became tolerant of water because of his messy medical issues. | Photo by Alex Gomez and Krista Littleton

Cat explores the forests of Sweden

Yuki’s owners suspect the tiny kitten they rescued was intended to be tossed into a Lithuanian River. Now their rescue kitty hikes, climbs and even swims alongside them in Sweden. | Photo by Nathalia Valderrama Méndez

Not even a broken leg can slow this kitten down

Quandary Q Lotus Lady broke her tiny tibia when she was just a kitten by jumping off a table. Now she’s fully recovered and spends her days hiking in the Rocky Mountains with her humans. | Photo by Erin Verplaetse

A man and his cat explore the wild

Ren often enjoys a good paddle – and all the fresh fish that come along with the ride. | Photo by Mason Peters

You can’t outclimb this cat

Shade is quite the adventurous kitty and can often be seen scaling rocks alongside her humans. | Photo by Alyse-Beth Avery

Not all cats are landlubbers

Georgie has sailed to more than 16 countries and plans to spend all nine of her lives on the seven seas. | Photo by Jessica Johnson

Death Gandalf adventures in the land Down Under

Adventure cats are found in the urban wilds as well. Gandalf, a deaf Cornish Rex, can often be spotted taking walks around Brisbane. | Photo: Martin Henrion

Outdoorsy cat makes her home in Alaska

Emma Deans was adopted from a Michigan shelter, and she and her humans soon made the trek to the wilds of Alaska. This fearless feline loves to balance on backpacks – and on her owners’ shoulders when they bike. | Photo by Nicole Gaunt


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