Outrage After Facebook Refuses To Take Down Pictures Of A Murder Victim With Her Killer



A Father has criticised Facebook for refusing to take down photos of his daughter with the man that killed her. 

20-year-old Hollie was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend last year at the Gloucester hairdressing salon she worked at. Asher Maslin – aged 22 at the time – had become threatening towards Hollie after she broke up with him. Speaking to the BBC, his mother said:

“His mental health was deteriorating and I felt he was unsafe.

I begged them to arrest him, because I didn’t want him going round and causing trouble for Hollie and her family – but it just didn’t happen.

I was worried he was going to lose his temper but I never in a million years thought he would do what he did.”

Despite the brave efforts of other staff and customers, Asher stabbed Hollie 14 times with a large carving knife. He is currently serving a life sentence for the murder.



Now, Hollie’s grieving father has appealed to Facebook to remove photos of Hollie and Asher together. He said:

“It makes me feel sick when I look at those photos, and to be truthful I try not to go into her Facebook site as I get quite distressed by it.

We would like to continue to remember the good times we had with her but are left traumatised when you see her with him.

Their [Facebook’s] policy is wrong but I am not hopeful they will change their minds.” 


Facebook have, however, refused to remove the photos, arguing that they maintain the profiles of deceased people as they were when they died, both as a place of remembrance, and to protect privacy.

Our thoughts are with Hollie’s family at this difficult time. 


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